In Innistrad, humanity is not at the top of the food chain.

Humans are constantly beseiged by feral werewolfs, bloodthirsty vampires, relentless undead, and all other kinds of horrors. They have learned how to fight back these dangers, but they alone are not capable of pushing them back fully.

The archangel Avacyn, the center of Innistrad’s main religion, has always been a protective force for humanity, and the divine magic drawn from her has been s great tool for ensuring the survival of human communities.

However,a bit less than a year ago, Avacyn mysteriously vanished. With her gone, her magic weakened. Humanity’s wards no longer keep the monsters at bay as they did before.

Unknown to all but the higest elders of the Church, Avacyn has become trapped in the Helvault, a magical silver structure she used to capture demons, after a desperate struggle with the archdemon Griselbrand. Destroying the Helvault would release Avacyn, but also the countless demons sealed in it.

The elders believe that an artifact in the Church’s possession, a mystical tuning fork, would allow them to retrieve Avacyn from the Helvault without freeing the demons inside. Not understanding how to use this artifact, they had it delivered to a musical prodigy in Stensia, Katarina Brunn, in hopes that she would be able to gain some insight into it.

Katarina hasn’t been heard from in months, however, and the Church is getting increasingly worried about her fate.

Army of the Damned

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