Army of the Damned

Session 1
The Road to Shadowgrange

The adventure started with Ludwig, Siegmeyer, and Wulf travelling together to Shadowgrange, after entering Stensia’s outland valley through Hofsaddel Pass. They were two days from their destination.

While crossing a bridge, the party met their first obstacle, as they were ambushed by a pair of giant spiders. The spiders were quickly dealt with, and the party continued the journey, until they found a ruined chapel.

Investigating the chapel turned out to be an unwise decision, as entering it animated the skeletons of a priest and two cathars. The sun was starting to set after the battle, so the party set up camp.

The next morning, the party met with Anton Wepper, a shepherd who they found praying at a roadside shrine. The man was visibly distraught, and was evasive when answering questions. It soon became apparent that he was affected by lycanthropy, so Wulf put a bolt through his skull, ending him.

Near their destination, the party noticed black smoke coming from inside a cave. They went inside to investigate, and found a grisly scene: the corpses of several cultists, a circle on the floor drawn in blood, and a wide chasm in the center of the circle. Before they could conclude their investigation, a hellrider emerged from the chasm. It was quickly disposed of, and further investigation revealed that ritual had been completed only hours before the party arrived on the scene. Two sets of human footfrints lead out of the cave to horses’ prints, headed to Shadowgrange. A ram’s horn with the symbol of the archdemon Griselbrand etched on it was left at the place of the ritual.

The party arrived at the gates of Shadowgrange at the end of the second day.


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