Saint Traft


Traft was a priest of the Church of Avacyn, a local of Shadowgrange and a courageouns and skilled warrior. So renowned was he, that even the angels themselves fought alongside him. Due to his deeds, he was recognized as a saint before the age of forty.

Traft was especially well known as a slayer of demons, and while killing a demon does not destroy it permanently, he still proved a great obstacle to the demons’ plans. The demons plotted revenge against Traft and tricked him into killing several people with a ritualistic dagger, which resulted in the summoning of the demon lord Withengar. The angels loyal to Traft came to his aid, but when they arrived he was already dead at the hands of the demon.

Traft was buried in his hometown of Shadowgrange, and there is a statue of him in the local church. He also has a memorial dedicated to him in the High City of Thraben.

Saint Traft

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