Shadowgrange is one of the oldest human settlements in Stensia. Most of the villagers are farmers, the majority being shepherds. The rest of the villagers work in trades that support the farmers by spinning wool, weaving clothes, shoeing horses, milling grain, and the like. Some merchants move goods from Shadowgrange to other settlements such as Lammas, but shipments move less frequently these days as the roads become more dangerous.

In the last two years, Shadowgrange has experienced a swell of new citizens that sought refuge behind the village’s fortifications. Most of these folk come from smaller remote villages that have been destroyed by over-indulgent vampires, mindless undead, or sadistic ghoulcallers. With Avacyn’s presence missing from the land, the protective holy wards of these villages are failing, and creatures of the night are making bolder attacks. Shadowgrange’s moat and stone walls make it one of the best defended villages in the area, but many villagers secretly believe that this settlement will eventually fall just like the rest.

Locations in Shadowgrange

Saint Traft’s Memorial:
Inside Shadowgrange’s church is a statue commemorating the local saint, Traft. One of the greatest cathars to have ever lived, it’s said that his spirit occasionally bestows blessings on worthy visitors, and the memorial is the destination of many pilgrimages.


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